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WR320 Wireless WIFI Audio Receiver for Airplay Spotify DLNA NAS Multiroom Sound Stream Bluetooth 5.0 Music Box Optical Adapter WR320

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WR320 WiFi Audio Receiver, brings crystal clear lossless sound to every corner of your home. Control individual or combined playlists and streaming services using our iPhone or Android app, and enjoy your favorite music from Spotify, Tidal, Tune In, and i Heart Radio throughout your entire house. Easily link multiple speakers by room or control them separately using your Android or Apple devices.Not only can you stream music wirelessly, but you can also connect your current stereo to our WiFi sound system via a 3.5   mm or optical cable. Setting up the receiver is a breeze with our quick and easy one-touch WPS technology. Simply press the WPS button, enter your WiFi password, and integrate the receiver into your home network within 10-15 seconds.With LAN (Ethernet) connectivity, the receiver provides the most stable streaming performance by instantly integrating into your home network. It is accessible to any devices on your home network, whether wired or via WiFi. The receiver also functions as a WiFi repeater, extending the range of your home network while providing password-protected security.Elevate your music streaming experience with our WiFi Audio Receiver, bringing convenience, versatility, and exceptional sound quality to your home.

Upgraded version: Bluetooth 5.0+4.2 new firmware

WiFi Audio Receiver AIRPLAY + DNLA Wireless Music Adapter for iOS and Android – Multi-Room Sync – Spotify Connect, Tidal, Tune In Radio, i Heart Radio Supported – Easy WPS Setup make your Speaker Dock / Stereo HiFi / Home Music Streaming Sound System Wireless

Firmware upgrade(app verifiable):
old version:3.6.4715.0
new version:4.2.7312.0
olve discovered bugs, improve machine functions, enhance machine stability, repair machine vulnerabilities, and improve sound quality.

Bluetooth upgrade:
Bluetooth 4.0 is upgraded to Bluetooth 5.0, the transmission is farther, the transmission speed is increased by 2 times, and the compatibility is stronger.

For Apple or Android phones, please download and use “Legacy Player” to set or play music.

Android phones can also use the following link software:

Please do not use the “August Alink” APP, which is a very old firmware and has been abandoned, therefore the BUG can no longer be corrected to match the new version of the firmware.

Stream Crystal Clear Lossless Sound throughout your Home – Control individual or combined playlists and streaming services for multiple speakers from the iPhone or Android App
Enjoy your own Music, the Best Streaming Services and Internet Radio – Spotify, Tidal, Tune In and iHeart Radio can all be streamed around your home
Link Multiple Speakers by Room or Control them Separately – Use your android or apple portable devices to set up August speaker groups and control what plays in each room
Add your Current Stereo to your WiFi Sound System – Connects to your aux in via 3.5mm or optical cable
Quick & easy one touch set up using WPS technology-Simply press the WPS button and enter your WiFi password to integrate the receiver into your home network within 10-15 seconds . The receiver features a LAN (Ethernet) connection. It can be connected to your router or network via cable which will integrate it into your home network instantly and will provide the most stable streaming performance. The receiver will be accessible to any devices on your home network whether wired or via WiFi.
The receiver will also function as a WiFi repeater – extending the range of your home network and can be password protected for security

SNR: ≥80dB
Distortion: ≤1.0% at 1 KHz
Wi-Fi Band: 2.4GHz
Wi-Fi Operation Range: Up to 100m
Wi-Fi Profile: 802.11 a/b/g/n
Bluetooth Version: V5.0
Bluetooth Profiles: A2DP, AVRCP, PBAP
Bluetooth Operating Range: Up to 10m (Class 2)
Power Input: DC 5V/500mA Dimensions: 140×86.5x25mm
Net Weight: 165g


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